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The Huanchaco resort is located in the district of the same name. Huanchaco is the most important resort of Trujillo, department La Libertad.It has several tourist attractions, starting with the citadel of Chan Chan, the hill called "Cerro Campana" ,beaches such as Huanchaco Resort, Playa Azul, La Ribera, La Poza, El Silencio, the Virgen del Socorro Sanctuary and more. Discover them!
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How to get there?
From Lima: Through the North Panamericana Highway to the 560 kilometer and we get to Trujillo City. Huanchaco is approximately 20 minutes in taxi. There are buses,too.
8h non-stop
10h stop
From Chiclayo: 210 km / 3h
From Piura: 410 km / 6h
From Tumbes: 759 km / 11h


50 min from Lima. Daily flights

Weather Trujillo

Reasons To know

Huanchaco has different reasons to visit and enjoy an unforgettable vacation. In this historic resort we have Culture, Adventure, Beach and lots of fun. Activities throughout the year. You can visit at any time, its people are eager to receive you.

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Av. La Rivera N° 726 Huanchaco-Trujillo, Perú
(+51) 044 462405 – RPC: 982514674 – RPM: 998883225