Dock Huanchaco

Currently used for sport fishing and as tourist stop, from where it can be seen as the waves flow through the famous "Ponies of Totora".

13 June, 2014

The July 28, 1891 is built by Don José Agency Sáa & Co., The iron pier of 108 meters. In 1897 Don Victor Larco Herrera built a railway line of 22 km; to ship sugar products. In 1902 it was bought by the latter, increasing you 30 meters.

Today it is one of the most visited by tourists from around the world who come to Huanchaco places. In terms of architecture, spatial and formal Huanchaco pier, composition is generated by a platform that starts from a small square located at the edge of the beach, penetrates evenly into the sea, ending in the final part with a space formed by two roundabouts. Its shape varies with the inclusion of a platform attached to its right end, next to the roundabouts and disposed in a lower level for easy access of fishermen tend their traditional tasks in place.

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